2015 is a Crazy Year

8591572816_6de5e896552015 has started out as one of the most craziest years ever.

At work, I have never seen anything like it. Business has been great and people across the company are finding us online and are requesting our services.

At home, my kids are involved not in just one or two activities, but more like 4-5 activies. Not sure my kids know what down-time is.

The local news is now the national news and I find myself watching less and less television. Social media news feeds are now the news and everyone weighs in with their opinion.

People’s patience is very short and change is  the main constant.

People’s smartphones are the most important assets to people and most people are performing less and less work  on them.

Apple Macbooks are the best alternative to smartphones and the most stable form of technology.

That is all for now. Time to get off the computer and go for a workout.