A Challenging Goal This Week

iphone challengeToday, the epistle reading was I Cor 7:32-35 about being anxious. The homily/sermon today focused on how easily distracted we are. I thought about these words and I posted the following tweet.

Wow! Is this an eye-opener for me. I am so addicted to checking my phone. It is ridiculous how often I need to look at my phone. This exercise has shown me that with a better focus and direction I could be making better choices like praying.

Prayer is a wonderful way to have a conversation with God and over the last few months, it has strengthened my relationship with God. I need to pray more. My prayers have turned from constant wants and needs to more about showing gratitude and being in a state of listening. I say, “state of listening” because I really need to take time and get away from distractions of this world and focus on things that matter, (others, growing in faith, family, those less fortunate, enemies and more) .

I only share this experience with you, because I believe it can make a difference and it can really shed light on the amount of time we spend on our mobile devices.