Brent Pohlman

Who/Where I am  and What this site is all about!

This site is all about connections and some helpful tips.  Occasionally, I mix in a little humor just so I don’t take myself too seriously.

You will find me the most on twitter  @brentpohlman | I maintain a company blog, Midwest Laboratories Blog site and try to come up with fresh content from a lab perspective.

Other Work | Other Links

Links are provided at the top to assist you to other adventures I currently maintain.

From time to time it is always good to keep people informed of who I am and what I do.

Personal Disclaimer

You will not find personal information on this site  regarding beliefs, family or personal dealings.

Another Disclaimer

What you will find are some cool thoughts and tips that I have worked with in my own personal and business dealings that work and do not work.  This information is of much more value to readers.

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