Bring Back New Years Day Bowl Games

What happened to the best bowl games being played on one day!! New Years Day!

Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Gator Bowl, Cotton Bow.   SIT BACK AND ENJOY A WHOLE DAY OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL    NOT!!!!!

Wasn’t it awesome to watch the top teams all play on one day and often times, the results of those early games dictated whether the Orange Bowl would be a game for the National Championship. Also, don’t you remember those great Orange Bowl Half-time shows? Why are we suffering now through a hyped-up, nobody cares bowl system that puts bowl games on every night from Christmas to the second week in January.  Colleges are actually losing money by attending these games.  Also, the new structure locks-in teams to various bowl games and we thought the Rose Bowl – hosting champions from Big 10 versus Pac 10 was bad…

The current system of rewarding teams that have 6-6 records and/or 6 wins has diluted the bowl games. Also, why do we have to spread it out over three weeks. Ok – I understand,  you want to have the best teams face each other, but isn’t this system flawed with poll voting. Even NCAA Basketball does not use the polls once the tournament starts. The polls leading up to the tournament really do not mean much…its about the tournament games.

The NBA gets it.  They have the best games on Christmas. Even if you are not a huge NBA fan, you will watch some of these matchups, because the best teams are all playing on the same day.

The NCAA Basketball Tournament.  I would tell you that Week One is the best weekend because each regional has several of the best conference champions and upsets can occur on that first weekend.

Sadly, college football has diluted its product by having one championship game, well after January 1, 2010.  Everyone has gone back to work.  New Years Day was part of our society’s celebration. Lots of buildup and people actually had the day off.  Now, the championship game has turned into a glorified Monday Night Game. The fans are missing out.   Why not just play only the championship game? The other games really don’t matter.  So we now have a system that rewards poll voters for their hard work instead of fans who actually have New Years Day off.  No wonder why stores are open on January 1, 2010 – the games don’t mean anything.

Bring back those New Years Day Bowl Games that actually meant something!!!!

What are your thoughts?

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