Changing way I use Facebook

Tonight, I decided I needed to change some things on Facebook.

Time to move most of my communications from my Facebook Profile to a new, personal  Facebook Fan Page

In the end, I prefer to like people rather than trying to friend everyone.

Reasons for changing

With all the issues surrounding security, I think the friend thing is way overrated. I have over 1,700 friends. Some people I know, and some I do not know. My personal profile on Facebook has allowed me to connect with people I have not talked to in years. However, I struggled with the whole networking aspect on Facebook. I like to meet new people and I really felt funny to ask someone to be my friend and encountering that Friend Message,¬† ” Jim only accepts friends who he knows personally… ” In addition, I met other people who experienced the same process by wanting to connect with me after meeting at a networking event and being hit with the same message. It is very awkward.


Let me know what you think about this process. If you see any hurdles or major issues, I would like to know.

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