Connecting with people

I hear it everyday. Why are you even bothering with spending time on social media sites? It is all a waste of time.

Making connections is very hard these days. People seem to be tied up with activities at work and home. I would not consider myself a social media addict and I do not post information on twitter every hour.  Having a presence and showing people that you care and that you are real are the reasons I like to work with social media sites.

I have been able to make some sales and gain some clients too on social media sites.

If you continue to work at connecting with people, the truth is you will also be a better person in other areas too. Today, I will be attending a local tradeshow for businesses. It is important to attend events like this and connect with others in your local community. Show an interest and learn something about another industry.

I know I am looking forward to connecting today and each day whether it be in person or online.

Make a Difference and see if you can introduce yourself to someone new today.

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