Disconnecting from Technology

Disconnect From TechnologyJuly 13, 2013 – A summer of disconnecting can be very rewarding

As this summer goes by, i am constantly reminded how the legislation and outside factors are continuing to drive wedges into the lives of all of us. Family is so important to me and I need to really take time this summer and disconnect from media and smart phones and really engage in closer conversations with my family and friends.

Facebook and Twitter friends are ok, but real friends and real relationships are the key. I see way too many people trying to live vicariously through their profiles online. I think at one time, I worked especially hard to make myself be so real online. The fact of the matter is if my relationships with people around me are real to begin with, then I have laid the foundation for something special to occur. The opposite side of this is trying to escape my real life by living a different life online. There is a danger here and I am finding myself disconnecting with technology to help better reconnect with people.

Cherish the moments you have together and make sure this discipline is in place first before spending too much time online.

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