Are Facebook Fan (Old) / Like Pages just a glorified twitter page?

Here is my thinking. How many of you read Company Fan Pages on a regular basis by actually going to the page and checking out the information. The very first time, you have to in order to “Like” the page, but I would guess after that you have no reason to go there. You just follow the information on your News Feed!

Facebook Fan Pages – Glorified Twitter Page – Yes – -Very few people look at them!

Since this is true, at least I think it is…..You better have some compelling reason for people to read your content. (This is the Key) Also, you better be linking to your Company Fan Page if you want people to actually read the content on it.

Just my thoughts! What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Facebook Company Pages

  1. I agree Brent! Most fans of a Facebook fan page like the page after they are invited – however the reason that a fan will unlike a page is (32%) were no longer interested and (27%) felt the brand sent too many messages. So finding out what your audiences want will be key to a meaningful relationship.

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