Family Vacation

Kansas City VacationI really enjoy this time of the year. July is the time when our family makes it a point to do something together. Lately we have stayed close to home. Last year we stayed in Downtown Omaha and checked out the sites. This year our trip was to Kansas City for 2 days and 1 night.

It is so important to get away and spend some time together as a family. It helps me reconnect with my children’s taste in music and we have a lot of great discussions in the car. I also believe our kids like it because they can be themselves and do not have to think about all the kinds of stuff that goes into relating with friends.

Family vacations help me get recharged and help me keep a focus on who the most important people in my life are. I really enjoy them and I am amazed at how fast the years go by.

Family vacations, schedule time to get away! It’s the best way to spend your time this summer!

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