Free Offers

This season, everyone tries to be nice and offer free gifts, free shipping,  free coupons, etc.  Make sure you do it right or you could really tick people off.

Here are two examples of Free Offers:

I received an email from a person’s blog I follow:

“Forget the Friday Doorbusters. No need to wait in line or get up early!  I am thankful that people send me so many great business books. I often get copies that I would like to share with you. Choose one book from the 50 on the list and I will send it to you at no charge. It is my way of being thankful for you!”

Sounds good, personable and genuine.  At least that was my first impression.

I was a bit confused as to how I was going to order this book, so I just picked one from the list and sent an email back to the blog writer’s email address.  Two hours later, I received an email telling me that the book I selected  was not available anymore and that I could pick another one. The next morning, I sent an email indicating I did not care what book I received, I just wanted to take advantage of the offer. I was told again that all of the books were gone. However, if there was anything he could do to help me, he would. Huh?  This is customer service? I didn’t get it.

What a crappy way to treat people!  – Where does this offer say that quantities are limited? This tremebndous offer should have been communicated with more information like limited quantities and some sort of time frame for the offer.  I was ticked off that I wasted my time thinking I was going to receive something free and then to make the statement that  “I would be glad to help you in any way that I can..”   Send me a free book. Seems like a simple request to me.

Here is another example of a free promotion.

Sirius Satellite Radio – Its commercial free and you can actually try it out between November 18- December 1, 2010.  60 channels – no other promotions than their website.  No credit card needed. Just your contact information, very smart on their part… I know the rules and I am actually considering a subscription. Very cool offer.

Obviously, you know which offer I like better.  Make sure you think out your free offer! Sometimes free offers can be a huge turnoff.  Service needs to remain high and communication needs to be in place to help keep people’s attention.

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