How well do you use twitter

Grade Your Twitter Use

Are you still trying to figure out twitter and how it works?

Are you still trying to find the perfect webinar or local conference

Are you looking for a magic book with step-by-step instructions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, PLEASE STOP!!!!

Next Goals as a Twitter Marketer

Here is my advice, get going and build your reputation.

Build Your Name Brand

It isn’t any different then trying to make a name for yourself in your local market. You need to find some people who recognize you and can speak for you. The great thing about twitter is that you can do it everyday with others and quickly find who shares the same interest(s) as you.

As far as books on the subject, you can read all of the definitions about tweets, hashtags, followers and so on. However, none of this information is relevant if you do not know how to carry on a conversation using twitter. Stop reading and start communicating.

As far as conferences, build your own group of users who use twitter with their companies. There isn’t  anything more powerful.  You will not find the perfect conference or webinar. Most of these are let by people who do not use these tools on a regular basis.

Twitter – My experience (ROI)

As far as results:  Here is what I look at – At Midwest Laboratories, in 2010 we have averaged137  new customers a month and revenues are ahead of 2009.  Of course, twitter is not all of my social media effort. Blogging, LinkedIn and Facebook also make up my social media marketing.  Fresh Content, Consistent Engagement, Listening Online and Imroving everyday are the keys… More to come with this last statement.

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