Klout Scores – Does it really matter

Where do you stand with respect to Klout?

I feel Klout scores are just a number , but not much value should be given to such a number.

I am a little disturbed that I have read that people actually have not been given jobs because their Klout score was low. When I added my facebook account on Kllout, my score went up 20 points. What does that say?

Again, people will rationalize their effectiveness with using social media platforms a number of ways.

My takeaway

If you are interesting, people will follow,

If you care and communicate from the heart, you will connect

Ultimately, these things will lead to more exposure, more inquiries and more sales.

If my Klout score went up 20 or down 20 would it really matter.

Check out the video – What do you think?

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