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Communicating With Others

Even with all the great advances in Social Media and technology in general, Americans are becoming less social.

It’s not social media’s fault, technology is making it easier  and easier for people to not meet face-to-face.  With more television shows,  Americans have all kinds of choices with respect to watching their favorite programs.

Social Media Conversation

For some of us, it means we need to make sure being social is a part of our marketing plans, more face-to-face time is needed with our clients.  My concern is that people are equating replies on Facebook and retweets on Twitter as constructive social communication.  It’s not!  It can help and be a starting place, but the real magic occurs when we finally meet that contact face-to-face.

How many times has your conversation been interrupted by a “Smart Phone”  not a person… It’s a growing trend that is really disrespectful.

There are some other reasons: TV, Increased Leisure Time, Longer Commutes and more as pointed out in this  article  by Erik Sass,  “Despite Social Media, Americans Are Less Social Than Ever”

What do You Think?

What are your thoughts on this topic?  Could we all be a little more social…I think we could, what do you think?

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