Lesson from a Football Game

For the avid football fan, it’s always  great to see  plays  executed to perfection.

A friend of mine, Gary – OmahaCoupons.com sent me this video.  I have played it over and over.

Business Experts

Don’t you find people, blogs, companies and sites are always telling us how to do things.  Sometimes, like the quarterback we throw up our hands.  But then…Someone tells us something that is so obvious and we tell our teammates and it works to perfection.  See joy is not found in being right by yourself.

Succeeding Together

Joy is found in working together to do something so simple, yet so profound.  When it works, there is no stopping it!!!

I really like this call and I like how every team member did their part. When this happens our competition is confused and we really look like a team that knows its mission and executes to perfection.

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