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Quality Sound – Giving up stories and history

I like change like the next person, but it does pain me to see records, cassettes, 8-Tracks  and cd’s go away and be replaced by .mp3 files and buying songs online. I am getting used to it, but I am not sold on it. The quality is definitely better, but the stories behind the music are getting lost

Lost Revenue

First off, now musicians must tour and make up for some of the lost revenue.  Don’t believe me, follow Peter Frampton on Facebook, you will learn a lot. What about record producers and record stores? Wasn’t the fun in looking at the album art work, the lyrics, the history.


The piece that is missing to me are the stories.  With records and 8-Track tapes, you listened to a complete side of an album or an entire program on an 8-Track.  Was that such a bad thing?  It also gave us a chance to listen to songs that did not get much air play on the radio, but were classics in their own right. Who remembers listening to the complete albums of Journey and Boston?  What about the Styx – Paradise Theater Tour or Grand Illusion Tour

The iPod – The New Greatest Hits Album

Don’t you remeber the K-Tel albums that collected hits over a period of time. Isn’t this what the iPod has become.  It’s a glorified playlist of greatest hits by different artists. Kudos to some of you who burned cd’s and created your own playlist.


Someone is going to figure out a way to bring back the “album” story and preserve the “album” list.  Hopefully another medium is on the horizon.  It’s just like pictures, we can improve the technology, but isn’t a finished picture on your desk much more than a digital file on your computer… Don’t lose site of the story.

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