Lots of Social Media Thoughts for 2011

Here is my thought list for 2011 with respect to Social Media… January 12, 2011


  • How can I use Facebook to better communicate and engage people with respect to happenings at Midwest Laboratories?
  • Is a Facebook Place Page better than a Company Fan Page?


  • How do I maximize the company function on LinkedIn so people will start to follow Midwest Laboratories on Linkedin?
  • How do I continue to use LinkedIn?  Are people finding myself there and if so how?


  • Maximize communication with the right audience on twitter
  • Look for some time-saving ways to facilitate communication and still be authentic. No auto-anything allowed.


  • Be interesting and develop a writing style that welcomes readers and does not discourage readers


  • Can YouTube attract people to your site? What are some easy ways to get there.


  • How can my company be found easier on google for services our company provides?


  • Continue to integrate website with Social Media Inititaitives

Trade Shows

  • Continue to integrate Social Media Communication with Trade Shows

Do any of these ideas resonate with you and your thinking?

Come to a special meeting, UnMarketing – The New Marketing Strategies through the Omaha Chamber

Some ideas will be presented with respect to these topics. Also, some great attendees will offer their insights too.

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