Nebraska License and Registration Online

Wow! – Have you ever been down to the last day of the month and remembered that you have to renew your registration?

Also, you look at your state drivers license and realize this is the year you have to renew it.

Do yourself a favor and renew online. Yes online

Today, with a few clicks I was able to register my car. All of the information I needed was on my registration renewal card.  Very easy.  It does make me wonder how they know if people have valid car insurance.  In any case, I will receive my new license registration and license plates by mail.

I also went ahead and renewed my drivers license. Again, all I needed was my Social Security Number and Date of Birth. I had to answer some legal questions too. I did not have to answer any driving questions or information regarding my height and weight. I am also curious what picture they will use.

In any case, fee paid and now that process is behind me for 5 years.

The online process is way too easy.  Try it, you will be glad you did.

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