Why this site is being started

Welcome to the grand opening of this site.

What got me to this point?

Over the past four months I have been experimenting with other sites and watching others: Clayton MorrisJim Connolly and Danny Brown to name a few setup some sites. These guys have really taught me a lot about social media and taking it to a new level of marketing. In each case, each one of these people have taken content to a whole new level and have been able to control the conversation with their sites.

I own this Social Media Site

I have decided to take some of the best parts of each of these guys and build my own site. I will still be writing blogs for Midwest Laboratories and maintaining a presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Now there is one central communication place where you can find me. I own the data on this site.  Something to be said about owning your own material, kind of goes against the norm in today’s Social Media Culture. In addition, its my insurance policy in case one of these sites is bought out or banned for some reason.

Content on this blog

Look for posts regarding ideas, business, marketing and other matters.  I am always into sharing useful tips and tricks. Your input is always encouraged and welcomed. Let me know about your site, so I can find a central place to communicate with you.

Brent Pohlman

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