Osama Bin Laden Death on Social Media

The announcement this evening confirming the death of Osama, (Usama) Bin Laden.

It took almost 10 years to capture and kill this leader.

It is interesting to hear all of the reports with different information. The Social Media Sites are going a little crazy with all of the information.

More information on this story will come in the days to follow. I am following my good friend, Fox News Analyst @ClaytonMorris on twitter.

The news could instigate more attacks and at the same time there is a little hope that international terrorism may have taken a huge hit today.

It will be interesting to follow. I am wondering why the president has not made an announcement yet.

Discussions on twitter and facebook are being sent as we speak. Very interesting to watch the dialogue play out on facebook and especially twitter.

What a night to remember!

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