Too much thinking

Pray moreI am stuck in one of those cycles. Too many thoughts.

Thoughts about family

Thoughts about work

Thoughts about church

Thoughts about the future

Thoughts about the past

Thoughts about the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas Seasons.

When I get into these types of patterns where I am constantly thinking about something I need to take action on; it is at that moment I begin to lose steam and get tired. It finally hits me that I have so many things to be thankful for and I need to turn matters over to God in prayer. I need to stop thinking and start praying.

As you enter the holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas, take time to stop thinking and pray more. Seek God’s direction and the thoughts of this world will turn in to actions and He will lead you through your thoughts to make the best decisions. You are not alone! You have a loving, caring God.

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What motivates you?

What motivates you?I keep coming back to this question.

Everyday, I feel driven to make a difference.

  • I look for opportunities to make a difference at home, with my family.
  • I look for opportunities to grow in faith.
  • I look for opportunities to grow the business I work for.
  • I look for opportunities to grow professionally.

The more I look at these opportunities, the more I see the need to share. What truly motivates me is to take each one of these opportunities and look for ways to share experiences with others. If I did all of these items by myself, I may be able to gain some accomplishments, but I would certainly be alone.

If I look for opportunities to involve people in these areas, then the work will magnify itself and I believe the growth potential in any one of these areas will be exponential.

Take a second and discover what motivates you. Can you do it alone? Do you want to do it alone? It may be the missing piece that you are neglecting as part of your motivation.

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College World Series 2014

If you are in Omaha the week of June 23-30, 2014, go down and spend some time at the College World Series. All kinds of activities for family and friends and the baseball is awesome.

Check out the end of this game! This was my view from GAME 3 – Mississippi/Virginia

Have some fun with your kids and take advantage of the experience.

College World Series 2014

Summer 2014 Reflection

Summer 2014As another school year has come to a close and I have been a part one of my first children’s high school graduations, I realize how quickly time flies.

This summer, full of activities needs to be one where faith and family comes first.

I was reminded of this as I have just returned from our Saturday Morning Mens Study. We have been meeting for 4 years straight and have not taken summers off. We meet all year! As a result, we have come to be a close group that looks out for each other.

As summer begins, I need to look at this time as a special time and take advantage of every moment given to us.

Time is precious and time spent with loved ones is much more precious.

Have a great summer and make sure you take time to share it with others.

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Best 2014 Super Bowl Ad


Have you seen the new Budweiser Super Bowl ad that was released this week?

It will definitely be one that will be talked about and remember in 2014. It is great, clean, fun and entertaining.

Check it out and share it with your  friends.