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I am sure by now most of you know about – Twitter Newspaper

What are your thoughts on this tool?

Responses I have heard

Here are the kind  of responses I have heard regarding

  • How did you create that newspaper?
  • That paper is way cool?
  • is really annoying
  • People who use without getting buy-in from writers should be ashamed.

My Thoughts

At first, I really thought the application was very cool. It was like a 3-D Google Alerts application. would go out and find the information I defined and organize it in a newspaper format complete with blogs, news, videos pictures and various links.  In addition, it would send a tweet to the highlighted sources.

The paper, just like a real newspaper is a particular search in time. Each day a new addition appears. I still think the interface is cool. I also like the archives. Usefulness, that is another question. To me its like the current paper copy newspaper. Maybe that is why its life is short-lived. To me its a cooler in Newspaper format.

What are your opinions on this too?  Share them. Maybe I am missing something

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