Reactions to Prices and Coupons


All of us are hit with price increases as commodity prices continue to rise.  How are your customers reacting?

  • I dealt with one person who was mad that she would have to pay UPS a pickup fee of $6.00 to come to her office and get a package to ship over 300 miles. Last time I looked, it take more than $6.00 of gas to make it that far.
  • I saw a pizza owner flip out over a $20.00 coupon I had purchased online for $8.00. He asked me if I was going to pay his electrical bill.

Some items are still at the same price, renting a movie at Redbox – $1.00.    |  Would people freak if the price went to $2.00?

How are you dealing with the price changes? To me it’s about being smarter and controlling our reactions.  There are still a lot of great bargains, managing our spending is one key that is always there.

Work with your vendors!  Talk to your clients and places you do business with.  Sometimes negotiations can really pay off and be a win-win for both parties.

Companies and consumers need each other during tough times.   Be smarter!

Lessons are occurring everyday!

Be on top of your customer service game and listen to the madness, don’t be a part of it.



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