RelationshipsThis week I said goodbye to one of my best friend’s father. I had not seen my best friend in a number of years. It was so cool to reconnect with him, his brothers and their families.

Relationships can last a lifetime. Even though we may have not connected for a lot of years, it really did not seem that long once we started talking.  There were so many good memories and this particular funeral, this message really stood out.

Value the relationships you make over the course of your life. You never know when you might reconnect again. Put all bitterness aside and rejoice in the fact that you were able to be in the same place as one of your good friends.

The experience was bittersweet, but I know my friend’s dad is looking down and smiling on all of us and he could not be prouder of his family and the connections they have made over the years.

Tonight – say a prayer for a friend you have not seen in sometime.  Offer a prayer for that person and think about the relationships you have made over your lifetime and how you can better reconnect with them.

Friends in Christ!


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