Social Media Book for 2011

Social Media Book in 2011

I am currently reading Content Rules –  This is the book that Advanced Social Media People need to read. It is very good.  I am tired of reading all the Social Media Posts about defining social media and how to explain it to your boss.


This book gives specific examples on how to take your social media efforts to the next level.  Chapter 5 – Create a Publishing Schedule – Specific examples of what you should do daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly…

Categorize every blog post and the difference between key words and tags.

I know, you already know this stuff.  Well, tell me a book that has these concepts defined and give me your example….

Ideas you can steal…

Content that ignites…

There!  Do I have your attention now!   This is the good stufff!!!!!

What are you waiting for?

Read this book! – You will be glad that you did!!!!

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