Social Media versus SEO

I used to think about this topic all of the time.  Where should I put my time and efforts Social Media or SEO.

If you are struggling with this you have to read this article,

Why Social Media Is a Better Investment than SEO

Branding  a Company is what it is about – The article looks at small brands and large brands and the impact that small brands can make.

Google wants good content.Google has slowly moved from keyword content to conversational content.

I used to wonder if blogging was the way to go.  I have been blogging almost 2 years and I would tell you that blogging is the way to go.  SEO is just as time consuming, but Google can change its alogrithm at any time and you are putting your investment in the hands of a company.  Also, which article would you rather read, a key-word optimized article or a well written content rich article.

The people at Google understand this and are working to get there.

Please do me a favor and read this article.  You will be glad you did.

6 thoughts on “Social Media versus SEO

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  4. Brent: Good article and thanks for bringing this up. I loved the line about a “hammer” that is so true. This, like everything else, is another example of how marketers, retailers and manufacturers need to spend time on multiple methods of marketing their product/service. We’ve said that from the beginning…SEO isn’t a bad thing and SM isn’t the only thing. It all takes work… I did think that Gary could have shortened his post a bit. Yikes….! Thanks again for the tip! – Michael

  5. Brent Pohlman says:


    Yes – the post is long, but I do think it makes some good points. I like your quote, “SEO isn’t a bad thing and Social Media isn’t the only thing” – Michael Libbie. You need to hold onto that one for your show and website.

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