Keeping up with the tweets

Yesterday morning, I consciously tries to post tweets throughout the morning and stay productive with other tasks.

Conclusion – It is very hard to do.   | It is a lot of work

Even though I had an off site meeting in the afternoon. I thought the time spent was great and I thought I was able to engage with people I do  business with as well as good, solidnetwork contents.

More tweets this morning!   How about you?  How do you keep a presence on Twitter.

I use lists and I use them for different purposes. I also use hashtags and do a lot of listening.

Stay tuned!! More  findings today!

Little bird goes tweet tweet tweet

tweeting, twitter morning

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Tweet Day!

Today – I am going to try and tweet quite frequently this morning amongst all my other work tasks.

I want to see the effects of tweeting every hour for a morning.

Stay tuned and I will share the results.