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  1. Dyonisius says:

    I’m beginning to think that once a ceatrin number of pages is cloned, something akin to critical mass is reached, cloning stalls, or perhaps the entire VE module, which slows down the rest of the development site. Based on the comments in the Forum and on Headway 101, this critical mass number varies with the user, e.g., in my case everything stalled after I had cloned over 40 pages, in others the number was much less, and I can only surmise (and anyone pleas correct me if I’m wrong) that Headway’s VE, being so powerful on top of WordPress itself, places a huge demand on one’s local computer resources, and the number of cloned pages at which slowdown is triggered depends on one’s computer power, i.e., RAM, virtual memory available, etc. Again, I must point out that did not experience this with earlier HW 3.x versions, so the problem could be specific to 3.2.5 But let’s see what Clay and the rest of the HW gurus have to say about this.

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