The last few weeks of 2010

Wow!  – Had a great Thanksgiving!  Celebrated many things! My Mom’s 70th birthday! A cousin getting married. Seeing my sister from Seattle.. Putting Christmas decorations up today as a family…

What a great time of the year!!!

It’s also a time to start some new things…. Why wait till January 1, 2010… This time of the year for me is  Advent. This year the definition of Advent struck me. It’s a time of preparation and celebration of Christmas and it is also a time when Christ may come again.  Definition of Advent

I am going to take this principle to heart and work on some things both personally and professionally, by reflecting and moving ahead… I don’t know what that means exactly, but I am going to start on this note and build on it.  More information will be posted in the days that follow.

What are your expectations for the final years of 2010? Take this time to reflect, plan and begin on your list of goals to accomplish… Start now, maybe it will help you stay focused on the right things this season.

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