Thoughts on Resolutions in 2014

Happy New Year 2014It is that time of year again, many people write items down and try to set new goals for a new year. This year in particular I am finding more and more people not even making the effort to work on resolutions, because they know from past experiences it is a waste of time.

Instead of resolutions, I am trying some new approaches:

  • Writing more and more items down. If I write something down, I have a better chance of revisiting it.
  • Drawing more pictures. I am making pictures of some of my goals and placing them as reminders.
  • Identifying behaviors I want to stop instead of so much emphasis on starting new things.

Resolutions do not work, because they are just that some words writtten down with no associated action attached to them.  It takes some type of action to make a difference.

What actions and approaches are you taking with respect to your New Year’s Resolutions? More to come in some future articles

Have a Great New Year – 2014!

photo credit: danielmoyle via photopin cc