Tire issues

What type of risks are you willing to take?

Yesterday, I found out that I have a nail in my passenger, rear tire. Over time my tire has lost air pressure. It is a slow leak, but as such a slow leak. The nail happens to be on the inside of the tire, along the side.  I knew at some point this summer I was going to have to get new rear tires anyway.

Also, my car has almost 200,000 miles on it and it’s only amodel year 2005 in great condition.

All these factors go into making my decision on replacing the tires in my car.

I will get the rear tires replaced and it will be in the next few days. My point here is I know if I do not fix it, all kind of other issues could occur: possible wreck, loss of time, inconvenience.

The fact that it was pointed out to me by a mechanic was a good thing. How many people really look for nails on the inside of their tires.

In any case, I know most of you have decisions to make similar to this one, my point here is that when we know the facts about an issue, we can take steps and determine what type of risks we want to take with respect to the issue.

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