Too much thinking

Pray moreI am stuck in one of those cycles. Too many thoughts.

Thoughts about family

Thoughts about work

Thoughts about church

Thoughts about the future

Thoughts about the past

Thoughts about the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas Seasons.

When I get into these types of patterns where I am constantly thinking about something I need to take action on; it is at that moment I begin to lose steam and get tired. It finally hits me that I have so many things to be thankful for and I need to turn matters over to God in prayer. I need to stop thinking and start praying.

As you enter the holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas, take time to stop thinking and pray more. Seek God’s direction and the thoughts of this world will turn in to actions and He will lead you through your thoughts to make the best decisions. You are not alone! You have a loving, caring God.

photo credit: danielfoster437 via photopin cc