Twitter Experiment

Did you see  read Jim Connolly’s post today on

He conducted a study regarding twitter where he did not post a link to his site for several days. He was active on twitter, but wanted to see what type of results he would get by not communicating about his site.

I agree with all of his findings in the study.  Jim has a great following and I am not surprised by the results.

He does bring up some good points and I think his points are well taken.  If you use twitter to communicate with your clients and to tell people about your posts, you really need to read today’s post.

Communicating is so important and I have also begun to make subtle changes in the way I use twitter. It’s always good to try delivering your message in different ways to see what the impact good or bad is.

Have you conducted an experiment on twitter lately?  Let me know! I would be glad to read more about it.

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