Twitter – The Platform to improve yourself socially

Here is why I think Twitter can help people become better, “socially”

  • You have to care to be successful. You only have 140 characters.
  • You can’t be selfish and use all 140 characters unless you want your message changed or copied and pasted to someone else.
  • Follow Fridays only work if the person knows why…Listing People is just that listing people.
  • If you attach a link to your blog site or website, it better be worth reading.
  • Adding hashtags clarifies your content and audience
  • If you follow a few closely, you will have far better reach than getting caught up in numbers.
  • People who shout and post multiple posts at the same time are a turn off to most people.

Here is how this same logic carries over to networking in real life.

  • Keep your statements short.  Don’t hog the conversation.
  • The best learning in groups is when a simple goal or statement is made and discussion follows.
  • Always know that people are watching you. Be accountable, you are marketing all the time.
  • Listen, you will always learn more than shouting all the time.

Together – It packs a powerful punch that can spread virally across network groups, communities, email and phone as well as other social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and comments on other blogs.

Want to get better socially – Start by using Twitter correctly and apply your learnings.

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