What motivates you?

What motivates you?I keep coming back to this question.

Everyday, I feel driven to make a difference.

  • I look for opportunities to make a difference at home, with my family.
  • I look for opportunities to grow in faith.
  • I look for opportunities to grow the business I work for.
  • I look for opportunities to grow professionally.

The more I look at these opportunities, the more I see the need to share. What truly motivates me is to take each one of these opportunities and look for ways to share experiences with others. If I did all of these items by myself, I may be able to gain some accomplishments, but I would certainly be alone.

If I look for opportunities to involve people in these areas, then the work will magnify itself and I believe the growth potential in any one of these areas will be exponential.

Take a second and discover what motivates you. Can you do it alone? Do you want to do it alone? It may be the missing piece that you are neglecting as part of your motivation.

photo credit: steffy. via photopin cc