Where do you stand with the economy?


Yesterday, I attended the Omaha Chamber of Commerce 2011 Economic Outlook Luncheon. We heard once again that Omaha is dealing with the recession.

The featured  speaker, Elizabeth McDonald, Fox Business Network talked about how the country got into this mess and  indicated that we have three more years to go with the recession.

So, what is the takeaway? What do we do now?

These questions were keeping me up late last night.  Everyone needs to accept these facts and work through it.  Does anyone really know how long these conditions will last?

Tom Peters

I turned to my friend, Tom Peters, Author – The Little Big Things.   I saw that one of my friends had posted a tweet regarding one of his videos from his book, so I searched YouTube to see if Tom had talked about the recession.  Indeed he had.  Recession Thoughts: 44 Strategies , November 30, 2009.

This is the information that was missing in yesterday’s presentation.  All of us need to TAKE ACTION and DO  SOMETHING. There is no magic phrase or words.  It will take work, and some extra work.  Listen to this video and understand what you need to do today. There is some really great content.

Strategies that Work

These strategies work. The company I work for, Midwest Laboratories  is proof positive.  One of my favorite strategies in this presentation is ” You dig deep and bring a good attitude to work”

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