Using your day to be more productive

View from the officeTake a look at a view of my office this morning!

It is early on a Saturday Morning. I was out of the office for a trade show and other offsite meetings this week. As a result, I fell behind on some office work. Now, I could have tried to setup shop in my own home, but I think the most productive area is my office. Notice, in the picture no other people.  That is really the key! Distraction free with an occasional visitor from the front-door.

I am much more productive before general working hours and on weekends.  I am not one to separate myself from others. I know of some people who complain that people bother them all the time.  I want to be a part of the team. Also, the phone, many phone calls from clients and vendors occur during regular business hours.

If  you can maximize your time during off-hours, you will really create an advantage for yourself and your company.

Just my thoughts from the office.


8 thoughts on “Using your day to be more productive

  1. Gavin Ryan says:

    I agree with you! I work best without distractions, Mornings,evenings and weekends are more productive for me.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Jim Connolly says:

    Interesting post, Brent.

    Like Gavin, I work best at certain times, usually early mornings.

    It’s about knowing what works best for you, I think.

  3. I agree, in the shop my full attention is given to my customers, so I go to bed fairly early mulling things over and then usually about 3am I wake up and type up my to do list or whatever else is in my head and then go back to sleep. My blog today was written at 1am, not sure if that was a good or bad thing, but at least it was updated!

  4. Hi Brent, Jim’s tweet made me come visit but I am always interested in what helps other people be more productive. My favorite time to write posts for my blog is very early morning but I have the house to myself (unless I have in-office clients) until about 2:30pm. I don’t do much in the evenings because by then I am tired and not productive at all. It always is a bit of a balancing act to use the creative energy in the morning and still get some of the normal day-to-day things done. Thanks for a great post!

  5. bkp1 says:


    Thanks for your comments. I see a lot of people using the “early” morning time to their advantage. It’s a great way to be productive if you can keep up your energy. 🙂

  6. bkp1 says:

    Wow! 3.00am!
    I do find that I am more sharp during the middle of the night, but I can’t say that I wake up that early. Thanks for sharing.


  7. bkp1 says:


    Thanks for your comments! I am trying to find that time that works best for me. I used to get up super early. I think I need to do that again. Staying up late for me works some of the time, but at some point you pay the price.


  8. bkp1 says:

    I really admire people who find time to be productive outside of normal business hours and still keep have a balance with their home life. For me it is a goal that I work on each day.

    Thanks for being a regular reader!

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